June 23 - August 7, 2011

A collection of NBA licensed artworks which taps a select group of leading graffiti and street artists to re-imagine the most iconic symbol of the game — the official NBA backboard.

Curated by BILLI KID

ONE Gallery, One Gateway Center, Newark, NJ

PHOTOS from our opening reception.

Sponsors and Supporters:

Veng - Born on Staten Island in 1981, Veng began studying painting as a young kid at a local art league. Since then, painting has remained an integral part of his life.

With his work, Veng looks to capture the feel of something made long ago, be it characters with old-fashioned appearances or objects with Old World designs. He depicts ideas in his paintings in a representational and faithful manner, yet convey them visually with a whimsical touch.

Borrowing from techniques of the Northern Renaissance, Veng likes to mix his own pigments with oil and paint by building up multiple layers. His thought process for painting, however, is less traditional and very much informed by his background in street art. Veng aims to make surreal impressions, with characters whose square heads are on the one hand very unreal, yet whose facial features are eerily familiar. He enjoys depicting scenes showing the viewer fictitious landscapes of an Old World interspersed with contemporary qualities. Nature also plays an important role in his work. He shows animals in a more traditional manner, painting them with realistic colors and textures. Often he will couple animals with imaginary devices that they control.

Whether on a panel in the studio or on a wall in a city, through his work Veng tries to convey a playful world of mixed inspirations.

URNY - Teamed together thru the art of grafitti Mike Baca aka 2ESAE and Fernando Romero aka SKI joined forces with the intentions to learn and grow as artists. Our mission as a collective is to create an urban industrial feel to our art by combining mediums such as photography, silk-screening, graphic design, and graffiti. Each piece tells the story of our lives, our struggles, and our environments. We want to inspire creativity amongst people specifically the youth so they can pick up where we leave off.

The Dude Company - Is a stencil artist from Lille, France. Sprayed on the walls of Lille, London, Berlin, Brussels & New York, his work embodies his passion for hip-hop culture and street life. A master of the knife, his imaginative, crowd-pleasing, heat-seeking cuts and compositions leave no room for improvement. The Dude Company loves to participate in art events, happenings and testing new artistic experiences everywhere he travels. Because, as he puts it, “we only have one life to live”.

Sofia Maldonado - Sofia Maldonado is a painter mixing interdisciplinary art practice with street culture. The use of color in her works portrays her admiration for the Caribbean landscape, city chaos and the abandoned structures within. There is an evident blend of fashion, the Latina female aesthetic and street culture in her visual concept. Born in Puerto Rico from a Cuban mother in 1984, she pursued undergraduate work in art and design at La Escuela de Artes Plasticas and received her Painting MFA from Pratt Institute, New York in 2006. Sofia lives and paints in Brooklyn.

Skewville - Skewville is most known for their fake wooden sneakers. As kids, Ad and twin brother, Droo, tossed their old sneakers over local power lines when they got new ones. It was both a symbol of change and a way to represent the hood. In 1999 they gave birth to their sneaker mission, ”When Dogs Fly”, and started making Wooden Dogs to continue their childhood mission. Since then, thousands have been silkscreened, hand cut, drilled, laced, and then tossed all over the globe. Over the past 10 years, Skewville has gained the respect of old and new street artists from around the world. While still continuing to build their street cred, they have also crossed over to the gallery scene, implementing their street-feel indoors. While always evolving their ideas, the Skewville style will continue to to be a New York Classic.

Shiro - From Shizuoka, Japan is a female graffiti artist who began painting in 1998. Her colorful artwork is a reflection of her love for hip-hop but also has astrong female theme. Shiro’s original b-girl characters show the essence of womanhood coupled with the raw strength and energy of the hip-hop culture. She is known for her live painting performances and graffiti projects throughout Japan and New York. From 2003 to 2005 she lived in Brooklyn and Queens where she further developed her artistic vision and graffiti talent. She has shown her work in galleries throughout Japan, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and New York. Her work is featured in Burning New York (Gingko Press 2006). Shiro also works professionally as a nurse. Her experiences in the medical field have changed her prospective on life, inspiring her to express her vision and message through her artwork.

Rene Gagnon - Like many graffiti artists that grew up in the eighties, Rene Gagnon is trying to bridge the gap between graffiti and stereotypical "gallery art". At first glance his work may seem to be an attempt at traditional expressionism but with further inspection the layers of the paintings reveal a saturation of tagging hand styles, and pure bombing.

Peat Wollaeger - Suburban Dad by day and a stencil graffiti artist by night. Peat Wollaeger has three young boys and a wonder wife. Drawing and painting ever since he was a kid, Peat started doing commercial art in the 90’s and continued for almost a decade, creating urban designs for such clients as Coca-Cola, R. J. Reynolds, M&M Mars, Anheuser Busch and some lesser evils. Burned out with the graphic arts scene and not creating any personal art, he moved back to St. Louis and started using stencils and spray enamels to reproduce his illustrations, and now it’s his medium of choice.

Internationally known for his whimsical, raw and brightly colored stenciled characters, that include the Mr. Teeth, the Dead Fat Comedians, Albino Alley Cat, SOUL-oo-zhen and his Luchador (Mexican Wrestlers) series, as seen at the Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco. He also incorporate these characters into various viral videos that he creates to help promote his art and to help his audience understand the stencil process.

Peat work will also be featured in two upcoming stencil books, a French one “Stencil History X” and “Stencil Nation” from

In December Peat completed a massive wall as a Tribute to Keith Hairing for art history month at Primary Flight during this years Art Basel 2007 in Miami. Currently he is working on a new body of work for a massive exhibition in Melbourne in May of 2008.

Joe Iurato - Joe Iurato signs his work :01. He doesn’t do it to conceal his identity, though. It’s his belief that a single second is the most powerful measurement of time -- it only takes a second to decide you’re going to move forward in a positive direction, regardless of the obstacles and challenges you’ll face in life. From that decisive moment on, you should never look back. His stencil art is a direct reflection of his daily interactions, inspirations and emotions. While the subjects of his paintings are often as random as each fleeting moment, a theme you’ll find reoccurring are powerful portraits of the young and old. For Joe, the stories and recollections of the elderly pave way to wisdom, and the curious gaze of a child reminds how precious and honest innocence is. Kind, gentle, often contemplative and full of soul, these portraits remain a large part of Joe’s expanding body of work.

Ewok One 5MH - From New York or EWOK (for short) is known around the world for his murals and paintings that brandish a skewed view on reality partnered with original character work. These days he heavily incorporates a collage element, gathered on his travels, which he uses in a symbiotic manner in relation to his paintwork. This is done seamlessly to convey a unique message for each piece of work he creates. In a separate vehicle of artistic expression, EWOK is also known for designing numerous vinyl toy figures, most recently the “HORSELINGTON” figure with his partnering company MINDstyle. Academically he has a BFA in Traditional Animation from Pratt Institute and is currently the creative director for California-based clothing company SCIFEN. His work has been exhibited around the globe from Jakarta, Indonesia to Tokyo, Japan to Veracruz, Mexico, Berlin, Montreal and throughout the United States. His graffiti work on the street can also be seen in Broken Windows (Gingko Press 2002) and Burning New York (Gingko Press 2006).

ECB - Considering an existing zeal for painting from early childhood on, it is not surprising that shape should become ECB's occupation. the spray can offered new options. He joined the army of the restless and the aimless. embarking on a quest to find what had to be found.

Ultimately every painting is just another footprint in the sands of time. yet another part of ECB's heart etched into the dust of the road.

The secret of a face, the secret of a figure with more expression and with greater feeling—ECB shall never find it and he shall never stop searching for it.

David Cooper - David Cooper lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His paintings are quick glimpses of awkward and humorous imaginary events. These tall tales are meant to entertain and delight the viewer. He invites you to let your guard down and to expect the unexpected in his world, with one curious eye brow raised and maybe a smile or not.

Cope2 - Cope2 was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York in 1968. He is a self-taught artist who is a celebrated figure for over 30 years in the graffiti art culture. One of New York City’s most prolific graffiti artists, he began tagging his name in 1978. He developed his style in the subways and streets of the Bronx throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s achieving international recognition for his distinctive style.

In recent years Cope2 has been commissioned by Time Magazine and designed a set of sneakers for Converse and a full collection for Adidas. He has worked with Steiner Sports collaborating with New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter producing graffiti memorabilia. His work has even crossed into the virtual realm with appearances in video games such as Mark Eckos: Getting Up and Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto IV.

Cope2’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and auctions throughout the United States and abroad, including the Guernsey and the Philip De Prury & Company auctions, the McCaig Welles Gallery, The Showroom Gallery and the Bronx Museum of Arts in New York City.

Today you can catch Cope2 in the studio painting, bringing his raw energy into abstract masterpieces, intertwined with his trademark bubble letters and tags on canvases. He has also delved into curating successful group exhibitions. Cope2 crosses between art world, mainstream and street culture alike.

Chris Stain - Born 1972 Baltimore MD. Currently resides in NYC. I was introduced to the world of art through the subway graffiti of 1970's and 80's NYC. Through out High school I learned the process of screen printing which later lead to my involvement in stencil making. The theme of my work falls into the realm of the American Social-realist movement of the 1930's and 40's which documents the lives of common people, including all their joys and struggles. I have traveled extensively through out the world painting murals and displaying my work in galleries and schools alike. The goal of my work is to re-inforce the importance of each individual no matter creed or race. I am currently teaching screen printing in two NYC schools and preparing for upcoming shows in New Mexico, Art Basil Miami, and Paris.

Cern - Cern began writing graffiti in the early nineties. Diverse in his scope, he has created numerous collaborative murals with the YMI crew and artists around the world and exhibited canvas and watercolor works in galleries around New York City and beyond. Cern has been included in books such as Burning New York and Graffiti World.

Billi Kid - Billi Kid is an NYC street artist, curator, life-long doodler, art enthusiast and design junkie. His work blur the lines between graffiti, pop culture, iconography and art. Never to busy to look, feel and listen, his collaborative works with artist from around the world have been celebrated in both the media and street art community alike. His passion for the streets has led him to curate ground breaking exhibitions that have helped bridge the gap between the urban landscape and the sterile indoor environment.